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Jorge Bortolussi has a degree in Communication Sciences University from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León).

Multidisciplinary artist, he ventured into sculpture from childhood, obtaining, at age 12, a national sculpture award in a contest called and organized by the National System for Comprehensive Family Development (DIF) and the Secretary of Public Education (SEP). )


As a plastic artist, her work is directly related to recycling: objects found on the street, doors, wood, metal, boxes, paper, and construction materials are intervened and transformed into the medium for her discourse.


In 1991, a sculpture workshop at the Accademia d'Arte in Florence, Italy, showed him the possibility of new materials for carving and molding. He dealt with clay and ceramics at the Faculty of Visual Arts of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, in 1992.


For 25 years, he has been experimenting with newsprint and resins. He is considered the creator of a new paper mache technique.


He has participated in some collective and individual exhibitions in art galleries in Monterrey Nuevo León and Mexico City. 

jorge bortolussi

I started modeling plasticine and clay when I was five years old, maybe earlier, but I was aware at that age that the sensation of playing had turned into pleasure. At 12, I won a national sculpture award and have decided to be a sculptor by profession ever since. Restlessness or curiosity led me to be self-taught. In my parent's house library, I met my plastic influences: Buonarroti, Giacometti, Moore, Miró, Modigliani, and great authors of literature and drama that accompanied my development and artistic training.


The need to make or get out of my head what I imagined led me to approach different materials and play between sculpting and molding: stone, wood, metal, clay, waxes, resins, and mache. Part of the exploration was stopped by some artists/brothers without fear of sharing and a couple of workshops.


My work revolves around the human figure; much of it is developed by using objects and materials found on the street. I like to play with proposals that oscillate between figurative and minimalism.


I studied Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Monterrey in Nuevo León, Mexico. As a communicologist, I look for simple, concrete language, symbols, and ideograms. As a sculptor, the idea persists.


For me, sculpture is an act of meditation, of talking to myself and to my ancestors. It is an act of liberation. Sculpting or modeling is a pleasure that gives me peace. 

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