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A message travels through the universe

A message travels through the universe

There is a hidden corner in a mythical Galaxy; they greet each other, drink, laugh, and symbolically talk eternally, where all the Gods meet to reinvent the Universe. There they greet each other, drink, laugh, talk eternally and are immensely happy: they have no memory.

Jorge Bortolussi has a special connection with this mythical Galaxy and surprises us with pieces that are dictated from the Milky Way, desert worlds inhabited by a stone fauna that supports the entire weight of time, because it is figurative and ancestral, is it of an anthropological discovery or is it a meteorite that will fall in the future?

Their work leads us to discover a civilization that loves all deities, a paradise where mermaids, mermen, Xolos, and cats are worshiped equally...

It is a simple world but profound. A desert full of riches.

Stones in cosmic balance, shapes carved by solar winds, molecules that gravitated through space and that an extraterrestrial force united them into whimsical, simple shapes.

Maybe it's just candy thrown by the Gods or interstellar cookies. We don't know.

But without a doubt, they are objects that have traveled through the Universe before reaching us. Did a distracted traveler abandon them here?

It is said that seeing the pieces in absolute silence makes it possible to receive the message of those forgetful Gods. Whoever accepts to understand the secret of past, present, and future happiness is revealed.

Alejandro Gonzalez



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