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D’Argenta was first founded in 1975
by 33-year-old husband & wife Ernesto and Sima Abraham. They used a process to make moulds and even rocket engine parts with electroplating, until one day, Sima asked him if he could make with the same proccess pieces of any shape, to which the answer “Claro que sí” (Of course yes), catalized into D’Argenta where unique art pieces in silver & 24 Karat gold are made and gifted the world lover among loved ones and to the likes of The Pope, Japaneese Emperors & American Football Teams.
D’Argenta was born out of rocket engines engineering, love for art and ingenuity.
It was in 16 years after they got married in 1960 that they realised their marketing
niche was in fact sculpture making and home decor, and not rocket engines. This prompted Cromadora Nicromex to change the company name, to the now well known, D’Argenta.



De la serie Diálogos con el Desierto buscando el

sincretismo en el trazo.



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